B L U M E N   N O R D E N
Ship Chandlers 
Available and ready for fast reaccions in the most common kind of vessel’s requirement.


* Our fresh Provision office, follow to strict and high internal quality protocol in order to vessel’s needings before delivery, as a Supplier Company, our most important matter and the key of the service, the the right condition of these, in order to be used during long sailing times, it’s mean: long expiration dat of products and half ripe condition of all fruits and vegetables supplied.




*Our Bonded Store Office, has a big portfolio of the most important suppliers in the north of our country, they are the leader in the their commercial areas, let’s getting us to ensure a good and big stock of the products and being ready to supplied in fastly way to our clients. 


*In Blumen Norden, you can find all concerned vessel’s needings. we know that a small device could be as much important as a big size element, is for this reason, that our departments of technical item is totally available and ready to go for the smaller to the biggest requirement. Our staff together with a big portfolio of suppliers are ready 24/7 for all needing.
*In Blumen Norden, Since a Client arrive to our ports, all our staff becomes in one crew member more, for this matter, crew Members can be acces to all of our safety element for working, since helmets, safety glasses, rain jackets and a full indumetary for a comfortable permanences on board and at the working time. Also a personnal requirements as a souvenirs from our country, phone Sim-Cards, loaded and activated with GB in Internet, ready for connect with their families.


*Our Technical and Spare Parts office, going to get your requirements in efficient way and giving back to our client a detailed report of the items requested and their differents alternatives to solve the vessel needing. All differents tools, lubricants or spare parts that our clients can request with our office, eventhough it could be in emergency way.


BLUMEN NORDEN Ship Chandler .- is available and ready for reacction 24 Hours and 7 days on the week with a prefessional crew & personnal assistance for any kind of requirements.


C  H  I  L  E  .

We’re the Fastest, Timely And Professional Ship Chandlers in the North of our country
We’re the Right Captain & Crew Member’s Alternative.

The Alternative, In The Most Driest Desert of the World.

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